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Organic Beverage

with ginger, herbs and probiotic bacteria

Live probiotic bacteria, organic acids and extract of ginger and herbs

Pure and simple

Certified organic • No sugar, dairy, gluten or preservatives

- get you daily dosage of probiotics the natural way

Essential elements in a healthy digestion

VITAGUT is a ready-to-drink probiotic organic beverage.



VITAGUT is a unique opportunity to get live probiotics without dairy. As the product is liquid the probiotics are alive and active from the very beginning.


Organic acids

Due to a natural production method; a gentle fermentation process, VITAGUT contains not only live probiotic bacterias, but also the valuable organic acids they produce.

Organic acids form part of a group of nutrients called fatty acids, which supply the colonic mucosa, muscle cells, heart and brain with energy. They also lower the pH locally to a level, which inhibits the growth of pathogens and provides optimal conditions for beneficial bacteria. They stimulate the blood flow and bowel movements, which insures the food flows through the system, and is vital to the digestion.



The phyto-active substances; oils, alkaloids, anti-oxidants, natural sugars, acids, vitamins, minerals etc. from 19 herbs, known to have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, are extracted with water through the fermentation process.


VITAGUT is certified organic and laboratory tested.

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