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More than probiotics


Live probiotic bacteria, organic acids and extract of ginger and herbs



Available at most food-coop's nationalwide,
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VITAGUT is an organic ready-to-drink probiotic herbal beverage.

The combination of 8 cultures of lactic acid bacteria, extract of 19 different herbs and organic acids is what makes VITAGUT unique.


And the blend gives VITAGUT its fresh and acidic taste.
VITAGUT is produced through a gentle fermentation process, in which the bacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, convert molasses into organic acids. The acids make VITAGUT self-preserving, and once the molasses is gone, the fermentation process is completed and the product is sugar-free.

Combining the beneficial effects of the bacteria and herbs is advantageous in many ways. In the final fermentended product, the valuable substances of the herbs are conserved, and at the same time the herbal extracts have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the lactic acid bacteria. 

With VITAGUT it´s easy to get your daily dose of probiotics, any time you like. You can drink VITAGUT as it is, or mix it with water or your favorite juice prior to drinking. 

Essential elements in a healthy digestion is what makes VITAGUT truly unique...

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